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Sports Performance Consultation

$ 249 (Limited Time)

  • Initial meeting and Interview: Typically lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and includes the following:

  • Sleep for Performance Assessment: In-depth look at sleep habits, sleep difficulties, and sleep preferences. Evidence-based recommendations provided on sleep goals and routines for optimal sports performance. 

  • Sports Nutrition Assessment: A deep dive into the athlete's daily routine, including dietary intake, supplements as well as workout and training schedules. Evidence-based recommendations provided adequate energy (calorie) intake, appropriate amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and fat as well as the optimal timing of activity and caloric intake.  In addition, recommendations regarding supplements and weight management are provided.

  • Performance Mindset Assessment: An interview specifically looking at coping skills in regard to coachability, confidence, performance anxiety, goal setting, and mental preparation. An individualized game plan on techniques such as mental imagery, goal setting, anxiety management, and pregame preparation is provided.


  • Functional Movement Screen: An assessment of movements typically described as multi-directional, multi-joint movements which place demands on the body’s core musculature. Specific examples of common functional movements include squatting, lunging, and landing from a jump. Video-based analysis of dysfunctional movement is performed and insight into injury prevention strategies for the athlete and optimized strength training is provided.

  • Female Health Screen: A brief screen looking for menstrual irregularities which could provide insight into overall health, nutritional deficits, and risk of stress-related bone injury.

  • Parental Involvement Screen: A brief screen on parental involvement and its influence on the athlete and its effect on performance. Studies show that parent support and pressure can have a significant effect on performance, both negatively and positively. Details on how parent-athlete interactions can be utilized to optimize positive effects and limit negative effects will be provided.

  • Complete Plan & Follow-Up: I will provide a written comprehensive plan that provides evidence-based recommendations for optimizing performance in the above areas that are specific to the athlete. The document is typically in the 30-35 page range. If needed, a virtual follow-up to discuss questions or further plans is included.

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