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Randon T. Hall, MD

Sports Medicine Physician


The culture of sports has rapidly and dramatically changed. By all accounts, the investment required to be an elite young athlete has evolved into a high-stakes, unforgiving process. Sports, for many athletes, is no longer a simple form of exercise or entertainment; it is a powerful opportunity. An opportunity that families will spare no expense, in both time and money, to support.


I have encountered a host of highly trained and highly motivated elite athletes. Unfortunately, even with all the private coaching, club teams and showcases, they are typically not the complete athlete that they truly have the potential to be. These athletes are so intensely focused on the sport itself, the wins and losses, that they don’t see the blind spots that are holding them back from reaching their full capabilities.

Next Level Sports Medicine was created for the high-level competitor. We provide sports performance consultative services powered by data and proven by research. We don’t just look at the sport, we evaluate the whole athlete and strategically implement recommendations to gain a competitive advantage.

Voted Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor:
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
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