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This innovative program combines pre-recorded video modules on sports performance optimization with in-depth, interactive discussions. Design your own program: access modules on-demand or attend live virtual sessions. Want a deeper dive? Our Q&A sessions can be virtual or in-person, a perfect resource for teams and leagues to equip their high-level athletes with engaging content and actionable insights.

Finding Your Edge Sports Performance

Live Sessions

Choose from targeted workshops on specific areas like sleep optimization, sports nutrition, or supplement strategies. Build a customized series for your athletes, covering everything from strength training to functional movement and recovery. Plus, we regularly partner with leading sports science professionals for joint sessions, ensuring your athletes get the most cutting-edge information available. 

Spooner Sports Medicine Presentation


Our webinars provide real-time engagement and Q&A opportunities, ensuring your athletes can ask questions and get the information they need to excel. Plus, the virtual format allows for participation from any location, making it a convenient and powerful way to elevate your team's game. Want a comprehensive program? Build a customized program for your athletes or an entire league.

Next Level Sports Medicine Webinar
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